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"We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The greatest task in life is to find reality." -Iris Murdoch

Are we having a human or spiritual experience?

Some days the words come easily, some days not. Are you a writer? Artist? Have you experienced this before? It's easy to wake up, do the routine and then when confronted with the task at hand - the blinking cursor, to want to fold laundry instead.

Yes, folding laundry could take precedence over writing creatively, non-fiction, or any other thing.

But the universe had other plans. Opening a morning app, Insight Timer, the one used for meditation, breath work, talks and a whole lot more (no affiliate links, just the truth) the above quote, the title, came up, attributed to Iris Murdoch.

We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality.

Immediately, I saw Jeff Goldblum's face and heard him say another quote

We are not human begins having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human expereince.

The origin of this quote may not be Goldblum, but you get the idea.

What if life is the Matrix?

What if what we are doing right now is a simulation. We make coffee, we go to work, we do the things required, we come home, we do it again. It does indeed feel at times very matrix-like, or at a minimum we relate to the Joe Vs. the Volcano character.

Let's pretend for a moment we are in fact living in a fantasy world. The words you read here are simply an attempt to bridge the gap between that reality and the tangible. The coffee table where the laptop sits, the coffee smells wafting, the dog snoring.

If that were the case how then would we live?

Pretending still, it would seem that we could live a bit less seriously, a tad more lightly, and believe in possibilities a whole lot more. If in fact this world is just a mirage.

We would have permission to take things as simply occurrences, without attaching too much meaning to picking up the kids from school, or planning dinner, or even the email that came from the boss saying we had messed up that project delivery in the conference room today.

Even a diagnosis of an illness might take on a different meaning. It might. (Not saying it would be easy, by no means...)

But if these glasses of fantasy could in fact rest upon our face, our anxieties would lessen and our goals would shift. They might instead include more laughter, more frivolity, more music, art, animals, and adventures.

Through the lenses of illusion could politicians solve problems with ease? Could wars cease (as land and power would become temporal and unnecessary)? Would more people play? Dance? Or sing?

Ideology does color one's vision considering illusion and fantasy at times. Because it is true that the opposite could happen.

If we lived with the mindset that our world is an illusion, mass chaos could erupt. Bank robberies might make sense, as money would be considered an illusory object, needed only as a means to an end. Usurping government officials could also make sense, as power is seen as temporal. Chaos.

However, if you have read this far (and if you have, bless you, dear reader), then you might be a part of the population that believes that there is more, and that spiritual matters vibe with your lifestyle.

If that is the case, then indeed, you would be a person who would not usurp authority, nor rob a bank.

Back to the original idea with Murdoch, Goldblum, and our discussion's today - living as a spiritual being on a human plane. What does this imply for you?

Does this free you? Provide you with a sense of hope? A knowing that the troubles that you are mucking through are not even that important in the grand scheme?

If so, that is good. Because, it then frees you up to be a part of something bigger than yourself, something the universe is calling you towards. You are meant to do things that are bigger than the tangible.

This is not the false 'you will be famous' mantras that have been told to us as kids, but the true deep dive into your life right now. You can do great things right where you are, little miracles can swirl around you day-by-day.

So with those glasses on, what will you do differently? If our life is somewhat of an illusion, and we are having a human experience, how will you bend and shape the tangible? Can you believe that those deeper things are truly your reality? The deeper callings, the deeper desires?

It's true that your deepest desire may be to go fishing all day - if so, what is it about that tangible experience is calling you deeper? Where can you take your every day tasks and turn them into recognizing that spirit, God, or the Universe is speaking?

Pause here, close your eyes, take three deep breaths. If you have the capacity, sit for a moment and let this wash over you.

Then take up your glasses, and go into this 'illusion' with a renewed sense of wonder.

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