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Invasive Toxicity

We are all human, all continually learning. All in need of a bit of invasive removal from time to time.

Similar to the plants that permeate the property in South Knoxville, we also have things in our lives that are invasive. Referencing the definition above, we allow harmful things to spread prolifically. This is where illnesses emerge, as the negativity gets deep into our beings and choke out the healing properties we have been created with. Invasives in our lives can look like gossip, anxiety, anger, addiction. These are so sneaky we may not even notice when they begin to infiltrate our inherent kindness. The kindness for others turns to gossip. Our love, to anger. We have to cut these negative tendencies at the root. Gossip and anger can be harnessed with awareness, anxiety can be tempered with self-compassion and love. We are all human, all continually learning. All in need of a bit of invasive removal from time to time. The best part is that when undesirable qualities are removed, there is space to breathe and to hold space for another, and importantly, for ourselves. Let's dive: Lie down, sit, stand, or slow your pace to an intentional walk. The position of your body depends upon where your energy levels are and what you need. Trust you know what is right for now. Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Again. What seems invasive in your life? Is there something crowding away at your peace? Let these thoughts emerge. Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Again.

Now, imagine that invasive thing as an orb. Where is it located in your body? Maybe it has a color or moves, or is still and heavy? Allow this orb to move out of you. As this orb moves out of your body, notice any changes, if necessary. These can be in you or in the orb. Watch it mine away, acknowledge it, and allow it to disintegrate. In your mind say, "Thank you for allowing the release of what no longer serves me." Say this as many times as you need to clarify, ground, and allow yourself freedom and space. Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Again. Gently open your eyes, put one hand over your heart, and one to your forehead. Allow yourself to envision a connection between your intentions and your intuition. Gently open your eyes, take one last deep breath and believe that the work is done.

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