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Minicast: Five Timesaving Ways to Craft Consistent Content

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

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Running a business can drain all of your energy and time. We have personally fought hard to protect our home life by setting specific work hours and carving out the weekend. We also believe business models should serve you, and that is why we are presenting you five ideas to get time back when it comes to content creation for your business.

Our next few Minicasts are shifting away from discussions on brand voice to focus on crafting wise content. Content that serves you and your market.

For some time we have struggled to keep a presence on social media. It doesn't feed our souls, in fact it detracts. Chad left social media awhile ago, consciously stepping away to get out of the FOMO and doom scrolling cycle. Tracy still visits, but has set strict parameters for her consumption. You also may have noticed our social media is a tad on the confused side. We know. We know.

Have you stopped to consider where your target audience is gathering information? Is it even on social media? If it's not, then by all means, pair down what you are doing, or leave. Then take your time and efforts to another platform - blogs, events, trade shows are still alive and an amazing format for getting the word out. Good news, too, word of mouth remains the top rated marketing platform, as stated by 64% of marketers.

Let's jump into it. Utilizing effective inbound marketing strategies, you can create content your customers use, drawing them to your website and ultimately, to you and your product/service.

  1. Find Your Target Market - we alluded to this earlier. A 50 year old farmer is potentially not on TikTok. There are exceptions, we understand. Most likely, the demographics of TikTok are not his people and products. That 20 year old looking for new yoga tips? He's there, and he is already a wiz at content creation. If your market is him and you know nothing of TikTok, he could even potentially help you.

  2. Make Your Content Valuable for Your Client - Recently, we heard the founder of StoragePug speak about his business target market. They went from spending energy on social media to creating blog posts. When interviewing customers, he said they actually read the blog posts, because they are written to the specific questions their audience have in the storage world. BRILLIANT!

  3. Create a Calendar Template for Content Creation Ideas - We love templates for business practices. We use a template calendar for keeping ideas flowing and relevant. The internet is loaded with examples and free downloads of templates for business practices. One blog post lists twenty different media templates for organizing your strategy. Pro Tip - pick one and customize it. We found a template, edited it, and is serves us well.

  4. Use a Template to Create Your Inbound Marketing Strategy - Once you have an organizational method (don't knock good old fashion paper or whiteboard either!), then create a template for your actual content production content. These are also online. Once you know where to concentrate your efforts for creation (social media, blog posts, podcasts, etc.) then create a template for the actual content. This takes a bit longer to create/find, as it may have a ton of unique nuances you need. That's okay. Once you have it down, you have it!

  5. Keep it Consistent - A quick search reveals that the analytics needed for getting traction in blog posts, is to post once or twice a week. If this seems like a stretch, start small. Remember, content creation will not serve you if it is not valuable to your customer. The metrics for specifics on blog posting, social media posting, and more can all be researched to fit you, your client, and your schedule.

One big take away from this is to know your client. What do they want?

Now break that down.

Now break it down more.

Happy creating!

A note: If you find that you do not have time to create content that is meaningful and relevant, this is something that Tracy, at the VanWhy CoOp loves to do. She loves to craft keyword specific content for clients. If you are looking for assistance with social media, we recommend reaching out to The Social Brand in the Southeast.

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