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MiniCast: Brand Voice

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Introducing our FIRST - Minicast Session - a snippet of info to utilize in your business strategy. These will be short video/audio files that you can grab up while waiting in line for your coffee, at a stoplight. It's like a sticky note with insightful info.

Our intention = to make your job easier. Listen here.

Bird singing his own song at the VWC
Find Your Own Voice - the VWC

Tone of voice in branding is the way in which you communicate.

This voice is used in all marketing endeavors - consistently, intentionally.

This consistency and intentionality leads to shaping clientele opinion about you.

Five (not exhaustive) Themes for Brand Voice with Examples

  1. Educational - Neil Patel

  2. Funny - Moosejaw

  3. Respectful - Coca-Cola

  4. Enthusiastic/Inspirational - Nike

  5. Formal - Tiffany's

Once you have a direction for your voice, use this and use this, and use this.

Consistency is key!

We suggest making a guide such as Starbucks has to remain consistent in brand voice.

This will also make things easier - for you!

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