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A Call to Action: Let Women Take the First Step for All Kind

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Men, we love you. As the sexes go, we have our differences. But we love our husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends, as knuckleheaded as you may be.

We, too, have our knuckleheaded times.

Today is About Women It is March 8, 2022, the International Women’s Day. This year, the theme is breaking the bias, as sponsored by the IWD. This day of women has been celebrated since 1908 - when 15,000 women took to the streets to protest voting rights and equal pay.

What a funny situation that these are still topics discussed today in our midst…some progress has been made, yes. Some progress has been made.

The Ode to Women We stand strong when we are exhausted. We support each other at times when we may struggle to support ourselves.

We teach.

We care.

We harden up to earn equal pay and equal rights.

Femininity was often thought to belong only to the ‘weaker’ sex.

How untrue! At two a.m. it is often the mother still with the crying child, who has a meeting at nine, after making coffee, making lunches, packing for soccer practice later, and driving the kids to school. How untrue that we are weak. While we may not bench press nor arm wrestle as much, these skills do not quite translate into global action for change.

And the climate of our political systems across the world, predominantly run by men, are showing cracks.

Why not try softening? Why not see the other’s side? Why not give that foe a second chance?

In the meantime, while the shift emerges slowly, in small, subtle steps, the women I know will continue to mother on exhaustion, teach students during the chaos of a pandemic, ride their bikes harder, lift harder, entrepreneur hard, lead with integrity, and still manage to consider how to feed their families each day. All of this and more, the women I know will do until the tears come.

Then, they will wake up, and do it again.

A Call to Action For Women This day, this Women’s History Month, let’s break norms: let’s cheer the girls harder. Let’s let the women have the first say in the boardroom. Let’s let the women lead over the edge of the cornice.

Let’s let the women take the first step for ALLkind.


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